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Copy of Full Moon - Tree Of Life - Wind Blown - Bronze Wire Wrapped Pendant - LARGE OOAK - Color Shifting Blue White Grey Silver Moon - Maiden Mother Crone Earth Goddess


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Custom Order - Candle Pendant - Glowing Dragon Eye - Sensual Honeysuckle - Pink Rose Evil Eye - Gothic Steampunk - Smoke Wire Swarovski


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Circlet Necklace - Elegant Dragon Eye Cat Seer - Princess Filigree - One of a kind ooak - Glow in the dark blacklight


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Circlet Necklace - Elegant Pink Dragon Eye Bird Cat Seer - Princess Filigree - One of a kind ooak - forest wood elf elven


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Gothic Fantasy Steampunk Choker - Dream Drop - Dragon - Adjustable Floating Blue Green Purple Gold Super Color Shifting Floating illusion


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Gothic Fantasy Steampunk Choker - Dream Drop Adjustable Floating Design - Pink Silver Super Color Shifting Floating illusion One of a kind


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SAMPLES - Floating Fantasies Flesh Tone Samples - Pale Ivory Flesh Tan Olive Brown Chocolate - base samples


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CUSTOM Order - Gothic Steampunk Art Bracelet - Green Glow Silver Dragon Eye Forest Fire Peridot - One of a kind - Wire Wrapped Woven Cuff


Item collection 7033861 original

CUSTOM ORDER - Gothic Fantasy Steampunk Bracelet - Royal Dragon Eye - Cat Eye - Evil eye - Green Forest Black Silver Filigree One of a kind


Item collection 855408ad d613 44de 8ed9 705cd9b8a849

Custom Pendant Brooch Pin - Filigree Gothic Elegance - Silver Steampunk - Green Nebula Blue Gold Bronze Eye - Dragon Eye Evil Eye All Seeing


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CUSTOM Steampunk Fantasy - Dragon Eye - Cat - Hair Comb Pick - Purple Lavender Bronze Teardrop Wire - GLOW and BLACK LIGHT - One of a Kind


Blue Rose Creations

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